Day"n"Night Axwell remix ???

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Post peter01705 Sep 2009, 08:47

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ye hes right... there are lots of good tracks on beatport... btw guys we should make some thread about some latest sets, ids, songs, make some debate... cause this forum is slowly dying... no new posts because there is no new axwell's sets or tracks :?
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Post daherbst05 Sep 2009, 11:40

It's summer... (or it was summer :( ) - so people spend their time with other nice things I guess... ;)

BTW: I actually didn't ask about the quality of the track... just the title, but thx anyway, I certainly don't wanna play "average"... ;)
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Post djmelg06 Sep 2009, 20:16

100% is not Bingo Players Rmx, sound more like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike stuff.....