Tricky question about DJ:ing

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Post oskaaar01 Sep 2009, 21:30


When you DJ, you have a lot of CD:s with you in a case or something. I wonder which the best way is to sort them in the CD-case? I mean, you can't have all the tracks and CD:s in alphabetical order, because you burn new CD:s all the time. And you can't burn two tracks on the same CD that you want to mix into eachother?

How do you people do?

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Post prosens01 Sep 2009, 21:56

I just put different tracks on cd's in a case, sorting after genre,, like "House CD 1, 2, 3, 4" etc.
And for the bigger hits (I Found U for an example) with many remixes I burn down on a seperate CD.

But my case atm is so messy, haha, but cba to "re-case" it.
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Post Byron02 Sep 2009, 16:39

I dont sort genre,i have all my opening and 1st half set cds all in the front,you know because somtimes you cant play those tracks an hour into your set.but yeah that is a tricky question tbh man! :lol: everyone has their own way,thats just the way it is..