Job Opportunities in London, UK

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Post Mutu22 Sep 2009, 14:14

Hey guys!

I`m currently planning to go to work in UK (preferably in London), with a couple of friends.
I`m interesting in some jobs for start, not to fancy, barman or something else in some clubs, bars, markets, stuff like that..

I`ve searched something over the internet but I couldn`t find much (only high jobs) or I didnt find the right job addreses.
If anyone knows something or has a club/bar/etc or have a friends or something like, please leave a reply here. xD Would be much appreciated!

Or at least some heads-up or tips.. would be also good.
I speak English very well, I have some PC/Internet skills - 21 yo, very friendly and comunicative guy. =]

Would be great to get down to business right when I get there..
Thanks a LOT!,

I got nothing but luv' for you !