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sohel2009 Send private message Post 23 Sep 2009, 05:29

Hello good
I have a question about streaming video. I want to send it to half a server application that is running on my PC.
We put in a situation: I am receiving a radio frequency that comes video to my PC and there is the video embedded in an application that will run on my PC. The idea is that since this application showing the video to see more data my colleagues through a server that I missiles everything. Really what I want to send video stream that is going to my monitor. What software should I use? How can I make my way out of this monitor is also a server?
I was thinking to use windows media encoder / server to perform it, but not whether it would be better to use something else because I do not see this clear as mandar outflow to the server. Maybe use some software to capture the screen?
Really worries me mandar as to its application (video + data) to the server from my PC.

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jeanp Send private message Post 25 Sep 2009, 14:04

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Mutu Send private message Post 04 Oct 2009, 09:04

usefull stuff, thanx!
I got nothing but luv' for you !