Axwell & Ingrosso @ Sensation White Denmark 30.10.2009.

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Post philipp_emanuel03 Nov 2009, 19:17

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I worship Axwell
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Post peter01703 Nov 2009, 22:22

phillip do u really think this is funny?
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I worship Axwell
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Post Byron04 Nov 2009, 16:46

This is one of the reasons why were not geting any Axwell sets anymore :evil: :evil:

Btw : the vocal is Waaay off
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Post daherbst04 Nov 2009, 17:34

Poor thing Philipp...

I really like the set - 2 things should be mentioned:

1. lot of Axtone Acapellas - I hope the release is near
2. the set is pumping - not electronic or driving... I REALLY like that

once again: SHM RULES! :D