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Post pixxel14 Mar 2017, 16:07

Hi, I got into EDM music about two years ago and I've a member of this forum for the last few months.
Recently I decided I'd like to learn Djing and producing music (for now as a hobby) so I was wondering do you know some good tutorials and do you have any tips for beginner.
I'm watching some youtube videos, I decided to use VirtualDJ at first so I'm learning that at the moment (is it okay to use it later if I maybe become party or club DJ).
I'm currently not learning producing, but have plans for it so if you produce how did you start, what programs do you use...

Thanky you!
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Post Pazzaro23 Mar 2017, 21:13

as a dj (i've been djing for 4 years, playing in small parties,clubs and stuffs) the only thing that i can tell you and i think that is the key of this thing... is practice, practice and practice.. no matter what program do you use, if you are constant, you will improve quickly your skills.

VirtualDj is ok to start, if you find the way to become creative with that program,when you get more gear, it will be easier for you the dj thing in others programs like serato or traktor.

another thing that is important is that to be a dj is more than to pass and pass tracks and play the hottest records in the world, is an art, you have to be creative with your music that you play, you have to create a great athmosphere with your crowd and enjoy what you are doing at 1000%.

that's all...i think ... :D :D peacee.