4 ID's from Clamaran FG

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Post cis_ram02 Dec 2009, 21:16

hey guys i really need help with 4 ID's from Antoine Clamaran's latest FG radio set... ill trhy to describe them as much as possible and ive also cut out 1-2min samples from the show for each one.. hope someone can ID these

ID 1 - No vocals on this track but the main element is the Violin

ID 2 - vocals are something like compete come on, body and soul, dont stand behind, lets be complete you know, if your part of your mind .... and you get the point...

ID 3 - this is some sort of new mix of insomnia that sounds AMAZINGG

ID4 - this one is a bootleg of Clocks and some other awesome beat.. would really like to know either the bootleg ID or the actual beat that comes in on the drop

I HOPE someone can ID these... Its greatlyyy appreciated