EURO 2008

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Post jeanp01 Jul 2008, 16:15

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could somebody please delete this fu**in thead?? ;)
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Post Mutu01 Jul 2008, 17:35

congratz spain !

please dont go in off-topic !

I got nothing but luv' for you !
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Dirty Sanchez
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Post Dirty Sanchez01 Jul 2008, 18:27

It's been crazy since Sunday here in Spain, it's all over the news, TV, in the streets... Think Ibiza, but all over the country lol Nice to FINALLY win this again, we've always been labelled as favourites for EuroCups and WorldCups but we always disappoint... Let's hope this becomes a tradition! Kudos to Germany for making it to the finals, and several other teams did put up a good fight: Russia, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey helped make this competition fun. I think it's clever for Italy to bring back Lippi, I never understood why they put Donadoni in charge, he clearly wasn't prepared, reminds me of Mancini coaching Inter... The worst of the Euro was not having England around, they got some fabolous players and a great coach Mr. Fabio Capello.