Axwell mixing Ministry of Sounds Clubbers Guide to 2010

Releases, remixes, unreleased music & projects.
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Post MDJ15 Dec 2009, 17:47

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Post oskaaar15 Dec 2009, 18:13

Nothing But Love
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Post Kosi15 Dec 2009, 18:24

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Post Byron15 Dec 2009, 19:08

yeah hook n sling said somthing about this on twitter a while ago..Looking forward :D :D
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Post daherbst16 Dec 2009, 11:53

Axcellent- there is still hope for MoS ;-)
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Post Squid18 Dec 2009, 10:30

Ah sweet. Can't wait at all ;)
Axwell hasn't mixed a cd for awhile, not since sessions 8 and he certainly hasn't mixed one for Ministry of Sound Australia since clubbers guide to 2006.
This should be one banging cd 8-) I'll be hanging out for this one