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Post mnewman02 Apr 2010, 03:09

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I'm completely against pirates too but let the man use Zippyshare or some other free site to host mix mixes! Zippyshare is convenient because you can either download OR stream. Daherbst do you DJ? Do you have a soundcloud account?? You can only put up 120 minutes of music amount of music before you have to pay, and it gets pricey fast.

The cheapest plan (29 euro per year) only gives you 240 minutes (barely enough for 3 mixes and some tracks), and then to get 12 hours (still not that much in my opinion if you want to host a lot of mixes) it costs 79 euro per year. That's not an insignificant amount of money, especially for someone peter's age. Hell I'm not willing to pay that much yet! ;-)
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Post daherbst02 Apr 2010, 08:18

Yes I do - and yes I use soundcloud, although I personally don't see any need to share my mixes with anyone in the www - they should come and listen to me live! :) - still - that's of course mho...

30bucks a year is too much? Well... ok - I personally actually don't really care - if it's ok for Kossek it's ok for me as well!

We just once decided to "ban" certain links since there are other "more legal" options as well!
As I said - it's nothing against Peter personal - if Kossek is fine with this I'm too...
I'm going to ask again since I don't want to annoy anyone - especially since Peter is one of our most active members.
I just want you to know that it's not just because I wanna play the mod!

Still hope you understand this!