Back to past... Axwell in Escape,Celje (Slovenia) 23.11.07

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Post orteip rewind24 Jun 2008, 11:26

Axwell was on 23.11.2007 in Slovenia,in Celje exacly (Escape club). It's been half of year ago,but I must confess it was one of the best gigs in my life.Huge respect for you Axi!

[youtube][/youtube] ->Does anyone know ID of first song?


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Post daherbst24 Jun 2008, 11:31

Nasi & Mellow - The Afterworld (2007 Mix) - right into "Be" ...
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Post marko10 Jul 2008, 13:30

I found this interview with Axwell when he was at Escape (Celje)

I've had the pleasure to interview Axel Hedfors for the first time just as the notorious Swedish House Mafia decided to start its worldwide club and chart domination (that interview must be somewhere in the archive if anyone is interested to read it). In past few years I've talked to all four founding mafiosos, spent some heavy laughing time with Steve Angello last summer and his friend Sebastian Ingrosso in the backstage of this year's DiscoNautica festival. While Eric Prydz tends to be quiet prodigy, kind of shy guy while he's waiting for his performance in the club, the other three are just insane – in the best possible way. And what is even more important, they are great musicians, exceptional selectors and party navigators. This time I've met Axwell in club Escape in Celje, Slovenia. For those who care: Umek is there on December 21st with his 1605 Young Blood Tour.

*I've noticed you and Sebastian are both exceptional technicians. Who thought whom the art of taming

You know, we're all big happy family in Swedish House Mafia. We all learn something new all of the time and we share the knowledge within the team. We all work together, we learn from each other. This is the only way to get better.

*How do you manage to keep this Swedish House Mafia project alive, although you are travelling all around the World all of the time. Eric Prydz even moved from Stockholm to London.

Yes, Erick is living in London for a while now, but he's not part of the Swedish House Mafia anymore. He's still a very good friend of ours but it's not possible to be part of the Swedish House Mafia if you live in England. As regards us three, me, Steve and Sebastian, we travel a lot, but when we're in Stockholm we see each other at least once a week.

*And I've noticed your fellow countryman Laidback Luke is taking honorary membership on your new anthem Get Dumb.

It's all about the friendship. Luke is our long time friend and it was only natural for us to collaborate with this guy, you know. He's very talented artist, he makes a lot of good songs.

*Is Get Dumb a message to the club-goers or just your impression of the night life in Ibiza and worldwide in 2007?

Actually, in the beginning it was recorded as Get Down. But then it sounded more like Get Dumb and we've kept it that way. Why not? That's what most of the people do on the dance floor. They get dumb, release themselves, whatever. We've thought Get Dumb was more innovative than Get Down, so we've kept it.

This is just another thing that comes natural. When you have a good time behind the decks and there's a mike at the hand, you want to address the people. You want to say something. Even if sometimes you say something really stupid. It doesn't matter. You just want to say something to the people.

*Listening to your remixes and production one can't overlook what you're best at squeezing the last atom of energy of every recording. Is there a blueprint which you follow or you approach to each project from the different angle?

Every song or remix is a story for itself although there is something common to my works. I remember when I've discovered house music. I was in vacation, on the beach, at the seaside, it was summer. I was having a good time. And that's what house to me is still all about. I don't like darkness. I like happy house. Not too happy, but really energetic. House for me is having a good time in the summer with hands up in the air. That's the blueprint I'm trying to follow.

*You've conquered the dance floors with euphoric I Found U this summer. Is this your homage to the happy hardcore era?

It was done more or less by mistake. I didn't think so much about it. I know about the big beat scene, The Prodigy and music like that. I grew up listening to the Prodigy. I admit I took some inspiration from their sound, basically. And I've played some of their records in the past. I tried to do something similar and that's what happened.

*Another of your speciality is combining the different musical worlds: mixing Gregor Tresher's A Thousand Night with Ultra Nate's Free, Gabriel Ananada's Trommelstunde with Eyerer & Chopstick's Make My Day or Josh Wink's Don't Laugh with the acapella of Adamski's Killer.

This is what deejaying is all about. When I'm behind the decks, I want to play a lot of different things. I want to make people feel they are part of the journey, not just listening to the same song for two hours. Sometimes, especially when you want to educate the crowd a little bit, it's good to combine underground tracks with the more known acapellas. That, at least in my opinion, makes a really good combination.

*I understand your newest hit single It's True as a homage to the French house. I've always felt Swedish house is strongly based on the French house heritage.

Definitely. It's a big homage to French house music. We all try to make new Stardust (that famous "Music Sounds Better With You" Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) produced track that span the French explosion in the 90's), you know. It's impossible, but we try. (laugh)

*You've spent this summer mostly in Ibiza. I guess you've had really good time there?

Yeah! I've got really good time in Amnesia this summer. But Pacha, for which I've recorded a compilation this summer, still rocks, you know. This two are the best clubs on the isle. I really like to be sometimes with the crowd of Amnesia and sometimes in Pacha. I love to perform in both clubs.

*The result of your work is obvious: you've gained 60 places in this year's Top 100 DJs pool.

Yes. I'm really happy about that.

*You're not wearing ear plugs in the clubs but you use them to get some sleep on planes. Isn't that a bit weird?

Well, you know, I've heard high noises are not so dangerous if you like what you hear. (laugh) And in airplanes I really don't like what I hear. That's when I use ear plugs. But if I play good music, everything's all right.

*Imagine yourself for a moment you are an almighty God: is there anything or anyone that you miss on today's scene and would like to change that?

I really miss all the people that made those awesome records in 1998. I want Erick Morillo to get back in the studio. I want Harry Choo Choo Romero and all the Subliminal crew to go back to the old Subliminal sound and do what they did. I miss that sound.

*You really don't like if the warm-up deejay plays your songs.

Nobody likes that. For me, every time the warm-up deejay plays my song I'm like: 'What the hell', you know. It's the most stupid thing to do. Did you ever hear the band warming U2 gig playing one of their songs? It's the most ignorant thing to do. This year in Croatia, when the guy in Hacienda played my tune before my session, I've grabbed the ice from my drink and threw it into him. Today when the same happened, I've felt like killing this guy. It's not O. K.!

*Especially because you build most of your set on your own productions.

Of course! It's incredible ignorant. And if he says he didn't know it's my song, what kind of a deejay he thinks he is!?

*For the end let's talk a bit of some of the tunes you've played tonight: Sweet Harmony is one of my favourites. Is it a new remix?

Yes, it's mine. It works really well on the dance floor.

*And Adamski's Killer?

It was just an acapella put over some other track. I've used new remix of Josh Wink's Don't Lough and put Adamski with Seal's vocals over it.

Interview by Tricky (Slovenia)
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Post Dirty Sanchez10 Jul 2008, 15:23

This year in Croatia, when the guy in Hacienda played my tune before my session, I've grabbed the ice from my drink and threw it into him. Today when the same happened, I've felt like killing this guy. It's not O. K.!

The infamous ice-throwing antics of Mr. Hedfords lol

Loved the bit when he says that he likes House music to be happy, 'but not too happy'. Nice interview.
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Post Mutu10 Jul 2008, 22:52

funny lol
I got nothing but luv' for you !
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Post marko11 Jul 2008, 10:48

This year in Croatia, when the guy in Hacienda played my tune before my session, I've grabbed the ice from my drink and threw it into him. Today when the same happened, I've felt like killing this guy. It's not O. K.!

naughty, naughty Mr. Hedfords, but i agree what he did. :lol: :lol: