Official Video: TV Rock - In The Air (Axwell Remix)

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I worship Axwell
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Post robsta18 Mar 2010, 10:47

Hey Guys,

Here's the video. Thought there might of been an Axwell cameo in the video though. I only saw TV Rock.


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Post EvenSteven18 Mar 2010, 15:42

Quoting myself from the SHM-forum.

"Piece of shit video & edit. This video should be powerful, colorful, happy, warm weather, sweaty people dancing, sunny...

This makes me so pissed."

Where the fuck is Axwell? It's his remix! This video should have been done by the same people who did "Leave The World Behind" - video. It should have been done in a similar way.. this sucks and no fucking blink of Ax.
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I worship Axwell
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Post oskaaar18 Mar 2010, 17:47

This video is so poor :|
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Post daherbst19 Mar 2010, 09:13

In this case I disagree Oskar!

What I really like is that there are scenes from live gigs: one problem is: when people watch the vid they sit in fron their TV or PC - thus the sound is usually shit and they have no idea what tracks like this can do...

What I dislike: like everyone here: where the f*** is Axwell in the vid?
Well - just think of this: Axwell did the remix - but I don't think he has the rights of the track ... even if it's released on Axtone...

Reminds me a bit of "Turn on the Music" - everybody used to know the track - but hardly anyone knows that only the Axwell Remix was that successful...
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Post paulparis23 Mar 2010, 00:17

i think that the first two comments are a waste of space!!!!!!!!!! if you got nothing constructive to say then piss offffffff. :)

My two cents. Why does axwell need to be in this video? lets not forget that its a tv rock track, who really cares anyway he made the remix and it was amazing. Why bother with making a better music video when this track has already be smashed around the world so many times..... How bout axwell put his more of his money into the crazy album he is making. This video exceeds what it was meant to do.... Love the video.
P.s. if axwell had made this video personally you would praise him like little sheep lol