Creamfields 2008

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Petter Send private message Post 19 May 2008, 20:21

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jeanp wrote:looks like a bug of the new forum too large pictures are not that cool for the design i guess :D
This is now fixed :mrgreen:
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Dirty Sanchez
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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 01 Jun 2008, 10:43

I might go to 'Creamfields Vigo' here in Spain. They are bringing Tiga, Vitalic and the Chemical Brothers and it's taking place pretty close to where I'll be at the begining of August (Sanxenxo)... but damn, that line-up in the UK it's amazing. I wish I could go but the dates make it impossible... Maybe next summer...
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Kris Kay Send private message Post 01 Jun 2008, 13:02

Creamfields - Ive been every year. I'm relly gl;ad they are embracing new DJ's now and Congrats on your own tent Ax, guys. After last years set you deserve albeit i can really remember that mush as i was a little worse for wear after 14 hours straight clubbing.

Im not gonna be there this year as im going to my first Southport Weekender. But ill be at Global Gathering instead which looks as equally as awsome.

KK/ :mrgreen: