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The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show, that anybody not matter his or her sexual orientation could relate to.The L Word was a groundbreaking, unique and interesting show.
The L Word broke down the barriers of television and changed society.
The L Word offered an outlet into world where I didn't have to hide who I actually was.
The L Word offered a world with characters I, and almost anyone, straight or gay could relate to. The L Word let me be myself, when in the real world I couldn't and still can't.
The L Word was funny, drama-filled, and you can't forget the amazing sex scenes. Each character had their own problems, but each one still stayed close to their friends. Bette and Tina are, in my opinion, one of the best relationships on The L Word. Though both Bette and Tina have their conflicts with each other and with themselves, they do truly love one another. Alice is definitely the funniest character in the show, though she still has her own conflicts and does struggle with love. Shane is a very complex character.
After six seasons, The L Word ended, and a jam-packed six seasons they were.
The L Word ended with a controversial bang, in season six. Despite the many opinions on the ending,
The L Word ended the similarly to the way it started.
The L Word started with Jenny's "birth" and ended with her death. We are never supposed to know who killed her. It will remain a mystery forever. Anybody can watch
The L Word, no matter his or her sexual orientation.
The L Word was about people with flaws trying to find love, and I think everybody can relate to that.

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