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Post RuiSilva06 Jun 2010, 19:55

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You're amazing i started in house music because of you Axwell. The teenage crime copenhagen mix is also a big track! Thank you for be a number one dj on earth , i can't wait to see you and steve angello and sebastian ingrosso at nova era bech party in porto :)
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Post peter01706 Jun 2010, 19:58

ax! thanks,,, just to let u know, people love this music much more than ''One'' (even though it was number 1, and we couldnt manage to make this over there) keep on doing it like this :)

the quality of tracks are mostly almost unequal to how famous they are...its just way it is,, i dont really understand why best tracks arent most famous :?

for example i never buy guetta tracks even though he s most famous, and i buy ur every track, maybe thats just me :?
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Post Kuisma06 Jun 2010, 20:00

Ett sort tack! Kan inte vänta på gigen i Helsingfors!!!
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Post chuckluis06 Jun 2010, 20:16

love that percussive sound that goes from the start to the end!!!!

the mix (engineering) on the the official 'axwell remix' sounds amazing though!
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Post toblip06 Jun 2010, 20:25

oh my fricking god!

after the great gig at 3001 yesterday now another special!

Thanks a lot, I really have to say that I prefer this version!

See you in Bielefeld :)
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Post blabar06 Jun 2010, 20:32

omg, thank you!!! :)
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Post Gigo06 Jun 2010, 20:35

wow tnx ax..but the link has expired :(

looks like Im not really lucky today..can someone reupload please :(
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Post marko06 Jun 2010, 20:57

I prefer yours and Henrik B remix. And also Original. But it would be better to buying from you Ax. Cause only thing that works is respect the artist. Thanks for everything. you are really great, great person Ax and also waiting for summer madness in Croatia with you. See ya :)
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Post Maximillion06 Jun 2010, 21:02

I can just repeat what the others wrote, thanks for the Copenhagen version, it just rocks!!! The production level is just without any competition!
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Post robsta07 Jun 2010, 04:46

shit!! I'm too late, the download link expired!!
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Post Housefien07 Jun 2010, 07:38

Thanks Axwell :) cheers keep the work up :)