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Post daherbst13 Jul 2008, 06:12

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Now he just should recognise that Mambana ist NOT cheesy, then it's almost perfect! :lol:
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Post jeanp13 Jul 2008, 09:38

hey david .. shut up :D i loved mambana, but when i listen to it nowadays i must admit, its not a track i would play in my sets atm.

@ petter: thanks man, nevermind what i've written about updating the chords i guess this are transcribed well, but if u find out some differences to the original track let me know the part and i' have a look.

it took me a while to figure out the bridge part, that are the same chords like the verse but played slightly different as u see with the root notes. its hard to play it like salem, he's so brilliant .. also his other songs .. ax should do more remixes of him.. they are two outstanding musicans.

Simply Genius, if u like 70's Music with brilliant string arrangements and a nice message:

Dreamgirl starts really poor but it turned out to a cool tune, wich i like for its mood.