Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso @ Shelborne WMC 08

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I worship Axwell
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Post jeanp05 Jul 2008, 15:47

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FredLilla wrote:^^ but u can't send it to me ? it's too hard ? ^^
please ...
come on be seriouse!! if u pay 1.45 bucks for a track u really want to have is a bad joke.
i wish u where back in the days where a record had cost more than 8-10 bucks, and u had to wait for a record more than 2 month or even longer, than u maybe would be more thankful and you wouldn't be as ignorant as u are.
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Dirty Sanchez
I worship Axwell
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Post Dirty Sanchez06 Jul 2008, 11:37

Just buy the damn track, you'll be supporting good music and making sure new good ones come out...