Date release Axwell new album Center of Universe?

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Post Japcy0729 Jul 2010, 08:24

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Post olivierM01 Aug 2010, 19:18

Alexandra wrote:not sure if I heard it right, but I was listening to Pete Tong's show last Friday and I thought Calvin Harris said something about Axwell's album being called Deconstruction. Maybe anyone else heard it too? anyway, not that it matters much what it's called, because his music is awesome no matter what title tracks or album have :D
No the album will be release on Sony//Deconstruction Record
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Post Alexandra06 Aug 2010, 04:02

OlivierM, thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure I heard right anyway.
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Post daherbst07 Aug 2010, 09:36

Where did you get that info?

I'm almost sure that it will be released on Axtone!
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Post Halcyon09 Aug 2010, 17:30

No the album will be released on Deconstruction Records. There's a teaser vid about the vocal radio edit of NBL on Youtube, uploaded by the official channel of Deconstruction Records.

Pre order of the single in two days, official release in one month