Axwell - WMC 2008 ID ( Feat. Bob Sinclar ? )

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Post Mehdidressy28 Jul 2010, 05:31

Hi Guys !

I've found this little topic on a website.

It's a rip set song from Axwell's set at :D :D :D Inox Electronic Festival 2008 - Toulouse ( FR ) :D :D :D :D <3 !
I remember it, it was amazing...

Some guys thinks that it's a bootleg or a collaboration beetween Axwell and Bob Sinclar, his " little Giraffe " hahaha !

What do you think about it ? Take Care guys :)
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Post Halcyon28 Jul 2010, 08:50

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Post Mouziii28 Jul 2010, 23:52

A few months ago I've listened to a bootleg played by Bob Sinclar in his Radio FG show between Axwell - WMC 08 ID and Bob Sinclar - Together, I was dancin' like a discoboy in my car !! :mrgreen:
Well I think the WMC 08 ID is not a collaboration between Axwell and his "little girafe" :D It sounds too Axwellish for me ! ;)

Axwell, we won't wait for the christmas day for a release, any date ?? :D

Cheers guys !