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Post Axwell_Maniac8828 Oct 2010, 09:16

congratulations to axwell to reach the top ten im really proud of you and being your fan:)
but for me you are the first one!
angello reached the 14 th position and ingrosso 16 th position...
swedish house mafia 23 th position...

incredibile guetta 2nd...morillo 48 th!!!!
wtf is that???
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Post daherbst29 Oct 2010, 05:44

Acutally I don't like this voting at all since it neither reflect the "European taste" nor the trend...

Whenever it comes to Electronic Music, European artists were leading - and they developed it.
The DJ Mag results refelect the American taste, which obviously stucked in the late 90s where Trance was "state of the art"...
Honestly: which club here in Europe play Trance at all?

So actually I'm happy with the result this year, because Axwell is the only House DJ in the top ten...

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I worship Axwell
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Post Gigo30 Oct 2010, 17:35

well, altough I dont agree this kind of mixing all together, I must say that I am happy for Axwell as this is really great success and I think Ax is really satisfied now that he is finally in dj mag top 10. Its a result of hard work for few years..however, I don like this mixing up with trance, techno, even downstep doesnt make sense..but then, conclusion is that Ax is number 1 House DJ, and thats whats important :) So, Ax, congratulations and keep on the good work

ps. gotta say that I am happy cause I was on the party which Ax says was his best in the 2010, so Ax, I hope to see you again in Papaya club next year :mrgreen: