Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It

  • Release Date: 27 May 2016

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Post Ctirad8908 Jul 2015, 16:51

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Seveli13 wrote:
Axachusetts wrote:I'm just hoping Richard Archer and this female vocalist don't join on stage in bird costumes. :lol:
Hahha...u win :D

Hahahahaha! +100 :D
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Post pikkster08 Jul 2015, 20:37

So wassup guys!
I am the one who was lucky enough to be there and film when Axwell & Ingrosso played TAI at Ruisrock last Saturday and what a total utter bliss it was.
Hopefully they will play it more so that someone prepared can get a proper recording of it now that we know it is out there. But for now we can only hope that it won't take five years until he plays it again. :D
About the song there isn't much else to say, the bass was really punchy and heavy but that could be because of it being played at an festival and I was standing 15 m away from the stage. And the female vocals was such a nice surprise to an already crazy surprise so for now I like em. Other than that it did sound like TAI nothing crazy different from the Monster Massive version, just a fem tweaks to bring it in to this year.
For now take care and think about it! :)
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Post House508 Jul 2015, 20:53

Again, I can't thank you enough for this video, look at the mess you brought! Hahaha

Take care dude, we want you around when the track is released !
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Post childrenofthewild08 Jul 2015, 21:04

They just played it again in Ibiza!
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Post trebleandsonido08 Jul 2015, 21:04

It's on the Axtone snapchat at Ushuaïa.
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Post DEMAND08 Jul 2015, 21:25

I think it's an official Axtone release and not on the /\ album
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Post hedz08 Jul 2015, 21:27

DEMAND wrote:I think it's an official Axtone release and not on the /\ album

Yea... Axtone never hyped anything that was released on Def Jam so far.
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Post valentino08 Jul 2015, 21:57

love it, amazing tune!
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Post adrigarhouse09 Jul 2015, 04:01

Great news! I want it as an Axtone release, not an Axing one...
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Post Viazard09 Jul 2015, 06:30

Heading to Ultra tonight, hope they play it again on Saturday, will try to get a good quality recording of this.
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Post Hardsoul10 Jul 2015, 04:41

Arty can't believe it, haha. That's good!
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