Axwell feat. Richard Archer - Think About It

  • Release Date: 27 May 2016

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Artur Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 17:58

Bottom post of the previous page:

NotAxwell wrote:
ananthkama wrote:
Why cant artists listen to their fans and just give us what we want.
7 years of TAY and they fuck it up.
Because of all the 3 million fb fans they have only 50-100 people care or even know about the old TAI. Thats why. I mean even i can somehow accept that it would be insane to release the 2010 version
The cocorico version would have made a pretty good release though
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saku Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 17:59

Okay, so this Nicolas guy just triggered me real hard. He's calling their biggest fans haters. Fans, that actually care about them and their music. Also, why are those older tracks still peoples favorites (including his!)? Well, because those tracks are TIMELESS, GOOD MUSIC. This new version is the kind of song that will "take over the world" (like he says) for like a month or two, but will soon be forgotten in the huge mass of generic pop music.
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raresdascalasu Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 18:17

That snapchat reply is ridiculous! Starting to agree with Seveli and other of you guys round here, it seems us haters don't understand this fresh, new sound of theirs :lol:

Let me tell you one thing - Nicolas Caeyers contradicts himself and that explains it all.
Look how he says it: "True fans won't be happy that it's not in the style of Calling and DYWC." He actually says it himself, Axwell does not cater for true fans, us, he now caters for the actual dance scene (which we all agree is shit nowadays), he offers what the majority of people request, because that brings money. And at the end Caeyers calls the true fans "haters". :lol:

If 95% of the actual scene are retarded and prefer radio friendly shit music, and 5% want classic house, what are they going to go for? They want Youtube views, Spotify streams.. shit like that. Tracks like Dream Bigger or This Time didn't get more than 10m views on Youtube. Not even On My Way. Something New barely hit 14m views. That cliche phrase with changing the scene.. they don't aim to change anything, they just want to hit the motherlode again, and the solution is to adapt to what 95% of the scene is requesting.
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cotu Send private message yannmiro Post 26 May 2016, 18:22

Reality check: Axwell Λ Ingrosso are a project made by the 2/3rds of the group formerly known as Swedish House Mafia that make commercial EDM. It's just pointless associating them with projects that they made long ago and sound "old". Their target group now is predominantly young people that listen to every pop music played the radio. They're the kind of people who think that the only genres out there are pop,rock, hip hop and edm. No house or such bullshit. So to please them, they need to make the freshest edm out there, strike some deals with brands that appeal to the youth, and sign to a major label so they can get as much airplay and as much higher up the charts as they possibly can.

That's the deal with this whole project and I think it will be hard to change.

Not that it would be pretty likely that all the older tracks would be released INTACT, but at least the WMC ID got a nice, yet pretty big-room, refreshment. So I think that it wouldn't be too unrealistic if something happened with T̶A̶I... I mean, TAU. Something like the version Ax played at Cocorico would be nice.
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hedz Send private message helderdiniz Post 26 May 2016, 18:22

NotAxwell wrote:That snapchat reply was the most generic bllshit ive read in a long time. Nobody said they should do music like in 2010. The fans just asked for a release of an old classic or a version WHICH THEY EVEN PLAY! its not like we wanted a fucking song from 2008 in exact that Version. I myself would be completely fine with the cocorico version since i like it way more than the 2010 edition.
+1337 for this
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asaf1987 Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 18:25

hedz wrote:+1337 for this
I see what you did there
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ALXHRLMS Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 18:33

Wow...that reply is hardcore fist in my/our face. Why the f*** did the tease us with the version we all want and then release this poppy piece. I mean ok maybe it grows on the next 4-10 years.

But PLEASE for godsake give us at least 1 more version. Im ok if it's called 'HATER REMODE'
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roule3000 Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 18:38

marchinidavide wrote:Asked Nicolas Caeyers on Snapchat about a possible "Axwell Remode" like it happened with Dark River ... That's his reply.


They won't change the music again, because they are doing the same thing everyone is doing at the moment. They are just following the hype. They toe the line. In the past, they were pioneers of a new style. And all these unreleased tracks from Axwell could do the same.

We are not "haters", and we are not disappointed because they changed their style. We are disappointed because we all know what they can do, in 2008 or in 2016, and they are making generic things, far far away of their potential. It's important to precise it.

Halcyon wrote: They sure can have more success and more money with this piece of shit. But they definitely could have more of that, added with some more respect, with the first versions.
Now it sounds like they just are tools.
Because even if they want to change the track for a low tempo house track, they can do better than that.
The 2010 version is pretty accessible, I don't think there would be a difference in term of success. TAI 2010 is a Pop oriented song, but a wonderful one.
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NotAxwell Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 18:53

basically what happened
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enrico Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 19:39

As I am aware so many of you had this track in their heart and mind for so long... I am amazed of what the dynamic has become with Axwell /\ Ingrosso...

About the snapchat thing, ... I mean if I were actually personally invested in A /\ I, I'd be sitting here looking exactly like this smiley: :shock:
And I'd this old facepalm at the same time:

How 23-year-old Nicolas Caeyers speaks about this track in this manner... as someone who is (partly) responsible for the creative part, I wish him the best of luck. Seriously. He'll need it.
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makateller Send private message Post 26 May 2016, 19:45

wondering sevelli's reaction for the first time he heard the new version of this shit. for me, it is a crap and im totally pissed off. it does not make me a hater, not at all. and i dont think that music era is changing. the old version, the version that made all of us goose bumping still beat all of this era's tracks. i am very angry, more of a disappointing. i think i will not understand their path. i can only hope they release the remode too.

why the fuck they teased us the old version on snapchat ? why they gave us hope ?