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Post Getdumb30 Jul 2008, 04:04

At the moment i'm looking at going to SAE New York for the EMP program, it's fairly cheap and 6 months long, but only part time.

Is there any hard core DJ school Where you can go in with basic knowledge and come out with the tools necessary to start a decent DJ career? Some sort of 'Havard'ly school of DJ?
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Post Mutu30 Jul 2008, 15:20

best thing is to be near a dj all the time and steal from him, of course a friend of yours..
i had that chance few years ago but didnt take it, i regret now..
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Post Dirty Sanchez30 Jul 2008, 16:46

There might be some DJ school or something good around, but I also recommend u to learn from any DJ friend you might know, I think it's the best, can tell for experience :) But I also wonder if there's any good DJ school or whatever course stuff out there, just out of curiosity.
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Post Kris Kay30 Jul 2008, 17:28

Oh difficult one.

I would strongly recommend getting in to Dj worskstations like Ableton. read up all you can on hardware, controllers, software. This is where the future is heading. Learn how to manipulate wav sounds and edit audio and you'll be laughing.

I think 2-3 years no one will be using CDJ's more and more companys are moving across to hybrid midi controllers right now. it will be the norm real soon.

The enjoyment i get form manipulating sounds real time far outweighs what i am stuck with burnt on a cd.

Let us know how you go on, theres people on here who can give you real good advice.

KK/ :mrgreen:
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Post VeniceBeatz31 Jul 2008, 08:47

Indeed kris kay, midi controlling all the way. I'm thinking about getting the xone 4d, it's a monster.
As for learning, I suggest also listen to alot of sets ;) and see how they do it.
Also buy mixedinkey, this program sorts music on scales and it will help your mix get to the next level.