Tired of new producers (mostly kids)

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Capone Send private message Post 24 Aug 2011, 15:38


Aviciis remix of Robyn's song. and a song by Prydz that I can not remember the name of. (His Edit/Bootleg of Kings Of Leon!!)

This is just a laziness! Im so tired of ppl prodcuing stuff that sounds exactly the same as another big track and then gets cred for it.

Whats your opinion?
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daherbst Send private message Post 27 Aug 2011, 07:21

I agree - the problem is that too much tracks sound far too boring by now...
I personally don't care about the age - just look at Alesso. His Remix of "Pressure" is just amazing and fresh and that's what the scene needs...

Maybe House Music is too popular by now so that too much try to ride the wave...

On the other side - there is so much quality outside as well - I think only the "Big Room" producers (the "cheap" ones) have this problem!
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Halcyon Send private message Post 27 Aug 2011, 09:02

I think those young people just got inspired by the world's greatest DJ :


Weird thing but sounds like this :


But the guy is definitely unique in his style, so unique compositions, it's a really good producer...seriously how can kids get a good exemple from the one which is number one worldwide ? They just wanna be known, doesn't matter if the sound is new unless is efficient with people. But it's not like they have a career after that.
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DCBull Send private message Post 02 Sep 2011, 21:17

ivantheboss wrote:I agree too. There is too many similar track. There is a few djs that make unique sounds with their own style
I think that I can't remember one sinlge Swanky Tunes or Hard Rock Sofa track, because their stuff sounds always the same :lol:
(No, just kidding but there's no really variation in production)