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Post Getdumb20 Aug 2008, 17:58

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mmmm 180 degree swivel actionnnn *drool*.

How much did the DN-HP1000's run you?

I finally got a hold of Tom Lee, and the useless prick couldnt tell me a thing about anything. It took him forever to say that the HDJ-1000's were back Ordered and that the Technics were Disco'd.

I managed to Duct Tape my v700's because they're my babies and i'll never let them go. But i still want a new pair! My Kingdom for in store service!
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Post daherbst22 Aug 2008, 05:55

For me no doubt: HD 25... none of the others can play that loud an clear and is that decent and long living...
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Post aqvatecdj22 Aug 2008, 19:09

I've been using sony mdr v700 for almost 5 years now. Lots of super glue (no tape) went into them to keep them alive for this long. The best thing about them is the sound they produce. On the negative side, they really hurt the ears, and will fall apart eventually.
So, i've ordered myself a pair of technics rp dj1200. Did not go with pioneer because of their plastic sound. Which is fine for djing but production wise it sucks.
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Post Getdumb02 Sep 2008, 21:07

After a month of retaping my V700's and reading reviews, i finally found a store that carried multiple high end headphones. I tested out the HDJ-1000's, the Denon HP1000's and the Sennheisser HD25's. To my surprise the HDJ's were third on my list, even though i had hyped them up so much, they had decent clarity, but small ear holes and were a tad uncomfortable[i like the "cover the ear" feeling that the V700's provided, more of a cup]. The Sennheisser's and HP1000's were very similar in sound quality so it came down to build and make, and in the end i went with the Denon's due to being built like bricks, they really are my new baby golems, even though the HD25's were great, they were a tad flimsy for my like. Thank you forums for your help!
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Post MikeCasa10 Sep 2008, 00:18

Dirty Sanchez wrote:Anyone know what headphones does LBL use??
D Ramirez, Laidback Luke and Deadmau5 all use "in-ear moniters". Deadmau5 posted a pic of his on his facebook group. i have since delelted my facebook, so i cant get the pic right now, but you guys should get it out, their pretty sweet. I know in DM5's case, he stated that he payed quite a bit a money for them, obviously they are custom made. I think it was something like $800.
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Post Marco10 Sep 2008, 12:43

I use Numark PHX. But I think that the Pioneer HDJ 1000 are the best!
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Post Dirty Sanchez12 Sep 2008, 05:37

I'll try and see Deadmau5's. LBL's are sure nice too.
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Post Kad03 Oct 2008, 21:44

HDJ-1000 is not so nice to my ears. The best sound quality i've testet, wich is not much. But anyhow, they are to hard, i would like them much softer. I met a DJ yesterday and he hade costumated the isolation to be much softer. Oh god i want those...
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Post danielm14 Oct 2008, 13:28

what do you think about all in ear??
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Post peter01717 Nov 2008, 11:11

i use Sony_MDR-V500_DJ i dont think they are kinda great or sometin but i think they satisfy me... for Djing only, enough for me
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Post Byron21 Nov 2008, 17:16

Ive been using the pioneer HDJ1000's for the past year..Not the most comfortable headphones,but excellent quality and nice design..