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Post by marko » 26 Aug 2008, 07:54

Steve Angello - Gypsy
- Laidback Luke Gypsy Woman Remix
- Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix
- Zoo Brazil Remix
- Veerus & Maxie Devine Remix

Yeap it's been four remixes released yesterday on beatport and you can buy it as well. I think is the one of best remix that Luke was ever made. Totally bomb. Great track and I like it so much.
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Post by daherbst » 27 Aug 2008, 08:25

LBL Remix is indeed not that bad - just bought it...
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Post by Byron » 28 Aug 2008, 16:03

HCCR Is total bomb...!!And theres now a Daagard & Morane Mix..
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Post by Dirty Sanchez » 04 Sep 2008, 17:47

I just won't stop playing this Remixes... if someone told me I'd be loving Gypsy after I heard it for the first time I'd laugh... But it's actuali not that bad, it's got a nice flute sample and some wonderful percussion! Anyway, it sure sounds better with those Remixes. I found all of them pretty damn good, although LBL's was the best.
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Post by ANDREA » 04 Sep 2008, 18:27

I love the original after have heard it some times! Love the kick and the bassline! Now totally love it especially with sweet dreams! and I'm not gay!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

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