The Future of DJing?

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Post Getdumb01 Sep 2008, 18:24

So we've probably all seen the beast that is the SVM-1000. And as far as a mixer goes it's utterly insane. But what about decks? Are people going, to switch to simply computers into a mixer, or just internal storage, who knows. But check these bad boys out, revo-wait for it-lutionary. ... table.html
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Post daherbst01 Sep 2008, 22:36

I personally don't understand why anyone should still play with Vinyls. I really love vinyls at home - that's why I buy all the Axtone released - but while DJing I don't see any advantage -> the CDJ1000 is just unbeatable in combination with a DJM800
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Post jeanp02 Sep 2008, 08:29

i guess we will stay with the normal pioneer cd-player for a while, but i also think its amaizing what u can do with the new dvd-players and stuff .definitly the future if u ask me. i mean .. maybe beatport and the other big mp3 platfroms will change at some point and sell full mpeg2 dvd-standard videos, and thats where the fun starts. i mean, u have the tracks+original videos and u can start to mix videos on demand .. for me it's not so handy to call a visual artist (even i know some) and sit down to create some dvd's to play out in the clubs, its to laborious.

but i definetly love the new funktions and way of mixing both (video&audio) together.

in fact some clubs dont have some good visual-screens or even flatscreens to display some video output .. its not given in every club, but i guess u have a new/differend situation with this gear and maybe some clubs will sovereign to build some screens, and go with the visual styles etc.

im also guessing that some visual artists wil see the opposite of my point of view. and i must addmit thats better to have a visual artist than a dj wwo is mixing video and music..

the best way would be to send the output the dj creates to the visual desk ,and the visual artist (who creates the unique visuals for the clubs) can mix your output with the visuals he creates ... WOW :P