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Post jb7303 Oct 2008, 08:33

I'm not sure if anyone from the forum made it (I didn't, I'm in London) but my mate, Garry, lives out there now and is watching Ax as I type. Here are some of his text messages to me from the past hour or so.

"I just talked to Axwell. We are basically best mates now."
"It is quality mate. Just played a great Pjanoo remix. I am about ten yards away."
"Very good remix of Free, that 90s classic, playing now."
"Now Pjanoo with Music Is The Answer acapella. God you should be here."
- I know, dammit!
"Now Stockholm. Mixed with Watch The Sunrise. Amazing."
- I think he might have meant Apocalypse, rather than Stockholm.
"Now Robin S."
"Good remix of Sweet Dream now."
- I suspect it was mashed with Gypsy and/or Genesis. I then told him I thought Ax would probably play Been A Long Time. He replied...
"Yes. Very good."
"He is quality. He finished with Toca Me. Never seen San Fran dancing so much."
I don't think I'll get much more of a track listing than that but it sounds like a fairly typical crowd-pleasing set. He definitely had a good time anyway.

So nice work Ax! And come back to London soon please!



"Right that was axwell. Was amazing fun. Not happy that I have a meeting in 5 hours but was worth it. Wish you could have been here."
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Post lifesabeat03 Oct 2008, 14:56

Hehe, great report. Should have been there... even had tix! Had to cancel SF Love Fest plans.

Only good thing that came out of this is that I know get to see Axwell at Avalon here in Los Angeles!!! He will rock that place!
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Post Nerologic03 Oct 2008, 19:10


I can wait, ONE MORE DAY!!

I cam to check up on here as someone was kind of let down by Ax's performance on another forum, this post just backs up the fact that the person that was let down was not a true fan.

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Post peter01704 Oct 2008, 12:03

take some videos ;) hope for some new tunes in axwell's set
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Post Nerologic04 Oct 2008, 18:26

I just deleted almost everything from my iphone, so i have around 15gigs of video storage :)