René Amesz - Ploert - Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix

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René Amesz……The man behind some of the biggest club tracks over the past 2 years and a string of cool mixes for Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, Chris Lake etc.
is now back with an undergound bomb to please the floors around the world.
2 versions from the master himself and an amazing remix by Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg.
What more can you ask for ?
Ploert is here………..

Already supported by: Tom Novy, Chris Lake, Sander Kleinenberg, Wally Lopez, Dataworx, Paul Harris, Jim Rivers, Sucker Djs, Micky Slim, Paul Thomas, Richard Dinsdale and many more.
(Scroll down to see the reactions……..)

To listen and purchase – please click the link below: ... 548/ploert

Original Mix
This track has been tested all summer long and gained great reactions everywhere. A little deeper than Amesz usual material but might have even bigger effect.
It’s a pure crowd pleaser with its hypnotic bleepy theme, simple groove and big builds. No wonder René got tons of request via Myspace after he added the track to his player.
Ploert for the masses.

Snikkel Mix
This mix is also by the master himself.
Build around the same elements but more like the usual Amesz productions.
This might be more primetime material – still has the big builds and hypnotic elements.
So if you like his usual style better – do not complain – just play this version.

Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix
No need to introduce these guys…… the team are behind a ton of good releases and mixes.
On this one they go a bit deeper than usual and it suits the track perfectly.
Floating along nicely with clever delay and reverb effects to make the feel intense on a rather laidback groove.
Another awesome production from the succesfull Dutch team.

Early Support:

Feeling Rene's mixes. I feel a fool for having overlooked this track a few months ago!
I must have been cranky that day or something!!!
Chris Lake

Great New Amez! Like all mixes! Full Support!
Tom Novy

Great.. :)
Sander Kleinenberg

Excelent hypnotic track,massive for me.
I will play it on Space Closing Ibiza.
Wally Lopez

Great package here, all goood mixes but its the original that does it for me.
Always been a fan of René stuff
Micky Slim

Great the Original + Remy & Roland mixes!!

Very strong package here.
I will play ! :)
Paul Harris

Original is sleazy which i really like.
Remy and Roland mix for the more peak time.
Jim Rivers

Really good stuff as usual the Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix is the one that gets my attention.
Sarah Main

Love the snikkel mix.
Will definitely be supporting this sat at Ministry of sound.
Richard Dinsdale

Amazin release!!!!
I think i will test all the trax, but my prefere is Remy & Roland Klikenberg...

Favorite "original mix" huge track, support 100%
David Amo & Julio Navas

Quality package. another superb cut from rene. orginal mix is a stonker.
Good to hear from remy again.gr8 remix. will support all mixes.
Stretch Silvester

Really feeling Remy & Roland’s remix!
Patch Park

I think remy and klinkenbergremix will do well for me.
Will try it out this weekend
Angel Anx

Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix is the one for me....

Good to see Rene back with such a great release!
Will be supporting the Original and Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix for sure.
Kim Fai

Really like the Snikkel & Remy v Klinkenberg mixes.
Will be playing the Snikkel mix in Russia on Friday.
Paul Thomas

Fantastic Tune!
Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix & Original are my Favourties!
Norman Zube / Sweno N


Wow ,big tune!! all mixes + remix.
My fav, is the snikkel mix!!:)
Chris Count

Another Big release on label need to watching in near future
Love the Snikkel Mix , the rhythm is original and the synth’s , ouff
Full Support by the G
Marco G

Like this release especially Original and Snikkel mix.
Guy Williams

DJ remy mix is probably the only one i would use
Andy Ward

I would like to support the DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg mix on radio show.
Jamie Jay

All mixes are great but the original really does it for me!
Will be including this one in my sets 100%

I really like Snikkel mix and Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix from this new essential pack
David Gausa

Love the Remy & Roland mix, awesome release!
Yves Eaux

The Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix is for me!!
Minimal..techno... it's rocks!
Simon Vitullo

Wicked release. right up my street, but the original mix is up for me.
Chris Special

Awwwww yes, big fan Rene style, like the original mix!
Simple hypnotic track but so effective! Love it!
Ben Dela Pena

Wicked track man!!!
Original and remy&klinkengberg are my faves!!!!
Agent Greg

Very massive stuff mate!!! i like all versions!
Snake Sedrick

I like Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix i will play for sure!
Andrea Roma

Orig and Snikkel mix are slammin!..bleepy chunky goodness...
Amesz shows no mercy for the dancefloor..

Rene is the shit, master of destroying beats!! I freakin' love his snikkel!'
Sebastian Davidson

I want i want this is huge!!!

What a great package!! Love the original & the Remy/Klinkenburg mix - wicked!!!
But Snickel is the BOMB!!!!
Wonderland Avenue

Quite liking both the Snikkel & Klinkenberg Mixes.
Klinkenberg for some real late night dark room bizness!
Cos Demou / D Dub

Love this "new" Amesz kind of sound!!!
Can't wait to test it on floor next weekend.
My favorite goes to the original Amesz version!!! ROCKING club music
Dan Welton

Snikkel Mix is my fav! Great tune!!!
Nice weirdness ;-)
Plastik Funk

Love this
Nolan Kane

Wow, this is heavy..!
Feelin all the mixes actually, but its all about the original for me, its got tha funk - bad!
Martin Ikin

Love this! Great new one by Rene!
Will play this 4 sure!
Dave Lambert

Finally a Rene Amesz full release at one of the hottest labels from this moment, from one of dutch finests dj/producers!
Really funny name and a fantastic track...
Timothy Fall

Wicked stuff.
My fav is Snikkel's version. Just mental groove!
Oleg Uris

My favourite is the Original. René Amesz strikes back!!
I support it in my radio show LA ROCA @ MAXIMAFM and of course, in my gigs.
Miguel Roca Tur

Original and Snikkel are wicked
Rob Passow

Really like all the mixes
Michael Williams

Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix is great.
One of the best from Noir Music for a while. Full support!
Tim Andresen

Remixes are SICK SICK SICK
Rediculously good stuff from Amesz!!!
Asher Jones

I like the dj remy & klinkenberg mix
Dan McKie

Amesz Snikkel Mix for me.
Casper LT

Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Mix Is the one for me.
Perfect track for my sets. Full support from here:-)
Rune RK

Hot tune - Love the Snikkel and the DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg mixes.