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Post robsta13 Nov 2008, 04:24

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after actually listening to this mashup I realised it's pretty poor. what kind of program does one use to make song mashups anyway? I've only tried GarageBand, but it can't match the bpm's.
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Post daherbst13 Nov 2008, 08:49

You don't need any software for this one...

And for the rest: there are a lot of really great programms out there - and they are affordable - eg Logic...

Making Mashups legal is nearly impossible I guess - due to the copyrights...
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Post peter01713 Nov 2008, 15:19

yeah i know i made bootleg with perfect beatmatching in 2 minutes... but why someone whos not dj should stop listening to house NOW? :( who can feel it he should listens to it... greatest music