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Post Noir26 Nov 2008, 08:36


Oliver Dahl aka G Riedatz has already proven his talent in the music industry with some fine mixes and one of the biggest minimal records “Mode” this year. Now he returns to form with a new name, new game and a smash of track called “Rien”.

Noir Music is proud to present this 1-track wonder with a pure tech, techno quality stamp on it.
Trust us…… its been tried and tested…… and reactions have been great.
Get this baby now and play it LOUD.

To listen and purchase – please click the link below:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... 46412/rien

Early support:

Ding Dong.
Great break on this.Sounds large.
Chris Lake

The track is cool mate!
Martin Eyerer

Sounds cool.

This sounds banging please hook me up!

This is great
Tom Novy

Great energy..!
Sander Kleinenberg

Great dark deep track just the way i like it.
Keep them coming Noir Music
Richard Dinsdale

Sounds great.
Dave Robertson

Awesome track.
Very well produced and great for the tech, techno clubs.
Will be playing this for a long time to come.

Loving this track.
Jon Gurd

Will play.
Kolombo / Lou Lou Players

Oliver makes a Big Club Bomb!
Very Hot! Thats Number #1 for my December Beatport Charts!
Thanks for this Great Track! 10/10
Norman Zube / Sweno N

Love it!
Timo Garcia

Oh yea dude ! this is rockin !
I will review in wordandrhythm.com as well.
Kid Dub

Great track, will play it for sure
Dj Remy

Like it a lot! Nice one!
David Amo & Julio Navas

Loving this one!
This is def will be one of my favorites for Pacha NY.

Really like this, liked his MODE tune also.
This will defo be in my wallet ova xmas, am playin in holland for new yrs.
This wil be in my set for new yrs eve for sure.
Chris Special

Sounds good.

This will definitely work a big room, the breakdown and build up has so much tension.
It's gonna be huge !
Andy Ward

Sounds nice… will fit in our sets!
Tune Brothers

I love this sound actually. Great stuff.
Snake Sedrick

Cool track – will def play.

Great track, great label.
Sarah Main

Tres Bien Tech House !!! Solid beats, phat stabs! Dancefloor material!
Sebastian Davidson

Another great techy track from Noir Music
David Gausa

Yeahhh…HOUSYYYY… i love it!!
Simone Vitullo

High quality as usual.
Always been a fan of Riedatz productions and this one makes no exception.
Wicked groove and sounds! Can't wait to test this beauty on the dancefloor... 9/10
Dan Welton

Huge track.
Looks like this will be in the box for a while.
Will support.
Martin Thompson

Another big track by great label !
Love the bassline groove of this weapon
Marco G

I'll have some of that! really nice, chunky tech-house. Wicked.
Asher Jones / Rhythm Code

What a B-line! lovin' this!
Trisco / Wonderland Avenue

Quality - will play this monster over and over!
Jacob RT

Like this one a lot
Dj Grad

LUVIN' it! Specially sirens!
Would fit perfectly for the kickoff the gig and show.
Oleg Uris

Love the track
Pretty minimal but still ripping.. nice chord stab action.
Rick Nicholls

Good tech house for my underground gigs.
I play it in my hard sessions!!
Miguel Roca Tur

Real wicked gem, like it a lot!
Yves Eaux

Nice track...I like it :-)Will try this one out asap!
Timothy Fall

Have checked this one out and would like to support on the deeper part of the radio show.
Jamie Jay

Quality Production.
Will be supporting this record with a big grin on my face.
James Trystan

This is really strong..
Looking forward to playing this out!
Nolan Kane / Sick Robot

Respect the artists – Buy the music and DO NOT share.
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Post Noir07 Dec 2008, 15:20

New name, new game.......
http://www.beatportal.com/feed/item/oli ... -new-game/
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I worship Axwell
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Post Byron07 Dec 2008, 16:43

This track Is a Total Fuckin BoMB.........!!!
Definitley Gona Buy... 8-)