ADUQ - Burnt / Ibrid Support by Stonebridge, Clamarane etc

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ADUQ - Burnt / Ibrid OUT NOW!!

The new Symphonic Vibes release, two stellar tracks by none other than Paolo Lodde aka Dusty Kid!


01 ADUQ - Burnt
02 ADUQ - Ibrid

Buy/Listen: ... urnt_ibrid

A selection of feedback:

“Will play Burnt, Thanks for the link, a bientot”
Laurent Garnier [F Com]

“Burnt sounds very good! Thanks”
Hernan Cattaneo

“Liking the feel of Burnt, locks you in a groove”
Neil Quigley

“Absolutely loving this, will be playing both tracks”
Desyn Masiello [Alternative Route / Sex On Wax]

“Two very large cuts which hit you face on and leave you wanting more - much more! Will review and support where I can” Best Mix: Burnt Outta 10: 9
Lewis Dene [Update, DJmag, M8 / BBCi Reviewer /]

“Thanks, played it out on Friday at Shindig sounded great!!”
Paul Harris [Dirty Vegas / Hydrogen Rockers / Superbass]

“Like the Burnt Track and will surely drop this in my sets. Full Support”
Alex Flatner [Circle Music]

“I like the Burnt track! nice drive in there! Though not really my style there is a good chance im gonna play that one in my sets”
Peter Horrevorts [Kanzleramt / EC / Plastic City]

"Burnt is rocking, will support"
Demi [Deeper Substance / SOS]

“What a cool release to prepare the summer! Makes me want to dance naked on the beach Thanks!”
Chab [Azuli / SAW / Rise]

“Thanks for the release - will ensure it gets full support in iDJ Magazine.”
Dave Jenkins [iDJ Magazine]

“Good to see the label back up and going! Not before time! Just been checking the release out, Ibrid is the one for me, cool trippy hypnotic business”
Leigh Morgan [Urban Torque]

The sound of this EP reminds me a bit of very late 90's filtered disco house records like Olav Basoski used to produce. These two tracks sound very fresh and positive. Full support. 9/10
Bogdan Taran [Essential/Capital FM Latvia]

"Into both tracks, Burnt is ace"
Dave Gardner

“Burnt is strong, both tracks are cool, Burnt might be something to play at the peak, like the build up of it!!”
Gold Ryan [Cr2 Records]

“Will play everywhere!! Full support!!!”
Julio Torres (Pacha Buenos Aires)

“Diggin both choons, finest driving beats... support!"
Ricky Ryan (Argentina)

“Really solid EP this, digging both sides, will definitely play”
Tom Morgan [Discoteca]

“Thanks for the tunes. Ill Will play them out tonight.”
Mathias Bradler [Mashtronic Music]

“Thanks for sending, Like Burnt”
Michael Paterson [Coolcuts Compiler / Limbo A&R]

“Great to see Symphonic back on top of the game with there releases and putting out these oh so awaited releases. Aduq’s Burnt / Ibrid on Vibes is bad ass, Ibrid is such a great groover and a great way to get that dance floor going, and Burnt is just that perfect peak time filler which will roll through the dance floor. Great release and keep up the great work guys”
Maher Daniel [Harem Records/Symphonic Records/Reversible Records/Sick Watona] (Canada)