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Post daherbst12 Dec 2008, 09:25

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True Dirty - but I'm not convinced of Bang that Box - also his Radio Show is not always a weapon...

I'm still searching for the right song for a "Another Chance" Mashup ;)
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Post mo333012 Dec 2008, 15:08

i bought it from beatport
the cd is amazing!!!!
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Post Dirty Sanchez12 Dec 2008, 18:19

Bang that box's got a few nice remixes, but wait for newer singles he's got like one he recorded under the alias The Transatlatins featuring vocalist La India, it's called I can't live without music:

pretty hot stuff for the dancefloor, pure and soulful! and well, the release yourself show I do like, but he also has his days... sometimes I like it, sometimes I LOVE IT :D