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By Herm Pettigrew,
Senior Correspondent
Dance Music X-Posed


Every day in various circles of the music business, this question is asked – what makes the DJ/PRODUCER (“DJ ARTIST”) the artist of a song where there are vocals sung, written, and performed live – in some instances – with the DJ (whom as we will discuss below, often times doesn’t even compose, produce, or play even one note of the music himself)???

In order to answer this question, we have done extensive research on the subject and interviewed Star DJs (Joachim Garraud, Tocadisco), Producers, Singers, The men behind the scenes (“Ghost Producers”), and those who have interviewed them previously to confirm any irregularities.

What you are about to read is something that we all suspected for years (e.g. MLB Players used steroids), but didn’t have the hard evidence to back it up.

We have unearthed articles with damning evidence, and thereafter spoke people such as Joachim Garraud & Tocadisco to confirm our suspicions, as well as have spoken to the journalists whom have interviewed

Nonetheless, prior to getting in to the meat and potatoes, let’s take a step back and review the history and evolution of The DJ/Producer, from an early hit instrumental composition (Robert Miles) to an international pop star in David Guetta, whom is, at best, a “Puppet” and “Puppet Master” says Roman Böer (aka TOCADISCO) similar to Milli Vanilli.

Finally, out of fairness to Mr Guetta and Mr. Garraud, they have issued a formal reply which we have included... However, we must note that we in now way have been able to independently verify the claims made by Garruad in his new response, and are here to simply report all sides and let you, the reader, make the decision on what you beleive to be true.

• Evolution of DJ ARTIST/Producer

The first DJ ARTIST’S gained fame and acclaim as radio personalities.
In the early 1990s, Canadian Radio Jock Mario Tremblay (aka MC MARIO) began releasing cd albums which included some of the hottest tracks that he featured on his syndicated radio show(s). The Montreal-based performer is best known for his compilation albums, widely-marketed in Canada since the 1990s, and for his syndicated weekly radio programs The Mixdown and The Party Mix. He is a member of the Canadian Dance Hall of Fame.
His proponents have lauded his ability to get people moving, his popularization of dance music in the mainstream and his ability to introduce comparatively rare European music to the Canadian market. Detractors in the 90s, however, have derided him for simply playing to the mainstream and lack of originality in his DJ-ing. Since 2004, MC Mario moved his music to a more international sound.
In total, Tremblay has sold over 3 Million Albums and co-owns the famed 1234 Nightclub in Montreal. He has, additionally, toured various international hot spots based on his fame as a DJ ARTIST.
In the mid 90s, The DJ ARTIST evolved whereby Club DJ such as Robert Miles (Italian Composer/Pianist) Tiesto -- amongst others – began composing and publically releasing their compositions and performing them life during their live performances, called DJ Sets.

Children by Robert Miles was a colossal hit in clubs and on radio alike. It was certified Gold and Platinum in several countries and it reaching #1 on the pop charts in more than 12 countries. His composition was instrumental, he composed it, played every note, etc... There was/is no dispute that he was the artist there.

Later on in the 90s, as the various genres of dance music merged and evolved, DJ ARTISTS began adding vocalists to their compositions -- while remaining the 'front man' – however, leaving the vocalists with little, if any, credits in titles or mention on radio or press interview; rather, the goal of these early DJ ARTISTS whom added vocalists to their track was to utilize their talents to boost their own careers, while masking the actual talent behind the track – be it the singer or the ghost producer.

In the past 10 years, French artist/DJs such as David Guetta, Daft Punk, and Bob Sinclar have emerged as international pop starts based on their productions which featured the vocals of singers, however it was molded as "Rock This Party" by Bob Sinclar & Cutee B feat Dollarman & Gary Pine or "Hypnotized" Paul Oakenfold feat Tiff Lacey. Similarly, Groups have been formed with a DJ partnered with a singer, Cascada, being one of the most renowned -- selling millions of albums world-wide.

Furthermore, in other cases it was masked with the DJ Artist receiving 100% of the credit (e.g., Just A Little More Love by David Guetta) as the Artist/Producer/Composer/Writer in an almost deceptive fashion whereby The DJ ARTIST was presented on the album cover as the face of the song (even though he may not have played one note of the music composition and/or written one word of the lyrics).

Nonetheless, the DJ ARTISTS are the ones that get most of the credit as the front man. These aforesaid songs, particularly 'Love Is Gone' went top 40 on pop charts and the Guetta Album 'Pop Life' sold over 2.5 million copies, double platinum in France. Kathy Dennis, for example, wrote Guetta's 2nd hit from his album 'Baby When The Light', while the music was produced by Steve Angello.

Additionally, DJ ARTISTS, often times, support each other’s music publically on playlists, at live concerts, radio mix shows, etc... Kind of like a good ol’ boys fraternal network.

Presently, DJ ARTISTS are generally accepted by the public, globally, except in The United States.

For example, did you know that Bob Sinclar and David Guetta have each opened for Madonna?

David Guetta did a commercial for L’Oreal in Europe as well.

Hence, it is the DJ ARTIST that the people want to see first and foremost of the hit songs that bear their names. But, how do have DJ ARTISTS

How did this come about? How did we come from Mr. Robert Miles – a classically trained pianist and composer whom happened to be a DJ – to DJ ARTISTS like David Guetta whom, according to Joachim Garraud (Co-founder of French Record Label Gum Prod and the man “behind the machines” whom composed/produced a majority of the music bearing Guetta’s name as the artist on his behalf) “is neither a musician nor a technician” and, in fact, “didn’t even own a computer” at the time Just A Little More Love by David Guetta was released in 2001?

In fact, our estimates show that a sizable percentage of the world’s Top DJ Artists and Remixers in the world actually outsource the music composition to engineers and are nothing more than either “puppets” or “puppet masters” similar to The Milli Vanilli Project.


Why is the DJ Famous? That’s the question of the day. The above example of MC Mario is obvious… He compiled the songs that he featured on his radio shows and put his face on the cover, but in doing so, all he took credit for was being the one whom selected the tracks. People who liked his radio show would buy the cd. There was/is no deceit there...

Ditto for Robert Miles…

But, why are these new wave DJ ARTISTS, such as David Guetta, famous? Recently, David Guetta was ranked #5 on the annual DJ Mag Top 100 Readers Poll… However, Guetta is best known for the songs which bear his name as the artist and, moreover, have sold millions of records – not for his live performances!!! Therefore, a reasonable person must ask themselves -- What does Guetta really do? Let’s go straight to the source and review past interviews with Mr. Guetta

According to multiple interviews, David Guetta has professed his prowess in studio as both a musician and technician, such as this one from 2003 conducted by Simone McKenzie of 365 MAG (2003-12-17) (SEE,
SIMONE MCKENZIE / QUESTION: Do you have a favorite piece of studio equipment? 

DAVID GUETTA: I work with ProTools on a Mac, so almost everything is inside of it. I don't even use a mixer. I have a few synthesizers, but very few in terms of outside hardware. But the Juno 106, it's really one of my favorites. Especially right now because it was broken, and when I had it fixed he lost all my banks and I was very sad. But the banks that he gave me back are the original ones, and it sounds so much like where I want to go. It sounds so 80's.

Additionally, here is one from early 2007 published on (A New York Times Company) with respected journalist DJ Ron Slomowicz, David Guetta took sole credit for the production, composition, and writing of all of his early work, including Just A Little More Love and tracks on the LP Guetta Blaster.

Here is an excerpt of that interview:

QUESTION / DJ Ron Slomowicz: “In the studio do you work with Logic or Nuendo?”

David Guetta: “Unfortunately I don't find one that can do everything. I use ProTools for recording, mixing, and editing. I use Logic when I need a groovy bass line because it has the best groove quantization, and I use more and more Ableton Live. Ableton Live is almost the one but there is a problem with the midi quantizes so I need to go back and forth with Logic, which is kind of a pain in the ass, but it's OK.”

Clearly, David in these interview repeated stated ‘I” -- NEVER ‘WE’ (or oui that there exists a we)!

Then, there were numerous interviews, including one on Z-103 in Toronto in late 2007 which Guetta once again went on his love of Pro Tools in the first person. When Dance Music X-Posed spoke with a senior broadcasting member of Z-103 and asked as to why they had not enquired as to the truth of the rumors that it was actually Joachim Garraud who was composing David Guetta’s Music for him, the jock (whom wishes to remain anonymous) exclaimed: “you know, that whole thing really pisses me off! [Guetta] uses my show as a platform to perpetuate that he is a knowledgable musician and technician! But I can’t do shit about it! If I question him on it, the record company will be all up our asses and I won’t get the interview slots anymore which will fuck my career up!”

Finally, A Belgian Online News Source,, caught up with Joachim Garraud and blistered him with a litany of questions, including – What is your role in the studio for the songs which bear the name of David Guetta as the Artist!

However, before we examine this, lets learn whom is Joachim Garraud!


After studies in musicology (7 years at the Academy of Music Percussion and Piano), he decided to turn to electronic music where he met many successes. Primarily a DJ in Parisian club in his beginnings, little by little he started to become a true globetrotter while travelling to many countries where he established many contacts and exchanges with other DJs. He takes part in many demonstrations related to electronic music (Coil Parade, Techno parades). In December 2005, his first compilation Club FG ZeMixx was released, from which the name is directly drawn from his podcasts, and in March 2007 he released the second volume. In 2008, he successfully released his debut LP Album entitled “Invasion”.

Garraud remains one of the most loved DJ ARTISTS in the world with his website forum receiving over 300,000 visitors each month.

During 2007, there were persistent rumors circulating amongst DJS, Bloggers, and the internet that Joachim Garraud, in direct conflict with the public statements of David Guetta in Interviews, was responsible for making, composing, producing, and in cases co-writing songs for David. Finally, in his June 2007 interview with Goldenboy of, the other shoe dropped!!!


Here we go! The question that everyone was too scared to ask Guetta – Goldenboy of asked:

QUESTION/GOLDENBOY: Here is a personal question – what is the role of each of you and David Guetta in studio

ANSWER/JOACHIM GARRAUD: This is not a personal question. David is not a musician, this is not a technician, so he comes over with ideas, samples, textures, sounds, etc., after they together and realizes it's true that I am behind the machines since it is my machinery and my studio. But the past two years (mid 2005-2007), David has progressed whereas before he met me he had no computer.

There is our answer. David Guetta definitively did not make his own music, including, but not limited to Just A Little More Love by David Guetta (released in 2001), or Guettablaster Album (released in 2004).

Dance Music X-posed recently sent out a newsletter on this topic and received replies from none other than Guetta Collaborator – TOCADISCO & JOACHIM GARRAUD!

Joachim Garraud confirmed with us that he did indeed make this comment and the reporter’s comments were accurate.

It was additionally confirmed by Dance Music X-Posed that David Guetta begun Piano Lessons sometime in 2007.

Joachim stated, verbatim:

“Now, we are 9 years later, and the situation has changed. David learned so fast, he practice every day with his laptop since 1999, and now, he's doing his own stuff by himself.
100% alone. You don't need to learned (sic) playing keyboard or guitar or drums to compose and produce tracks in the electronic music today. Do you think Axwell, Steve Angello or Eric Prydz are keyboard players? Are they Sound Engineer too ? Same for David. So, in 2008, when he answered : I use Logic, I use Live ...... he's right ! He's doing his stuff alone. And to be honest, I'm not sure David needs me again to produce his new album. May be in the final process but I already wrote and produced more than 10 tracks for his new album without any help !!”

As you clearly note, Joachim is attempting to cover up the deception of the past releases under the guise that 9 years later, David can apparently compose music himself… However, Joachim contradicts himself in the latter stages of this mail when Joachim notes ‘I already wrote and produced more than 10 tracks for his new album’. Furthermore, we here at Dance Music X-Posed found it interesting that Joachim implicated Axwell, Steve Angello, and Eric Prydz as well!

Thus far, attempt to contact the trio have been unsuccessful and, moreover, we have no solid evidence to support Garraud’s Claims whereas Axwell & Prydz are both respected musicians in the industry.

However, for the purpose of this article, our investigation proves conclusively that Guetta did not produce, compose any of the material on Just A Little More Love or Guettablaster

I had the pleasure of corresponding with famed DJ/Producer Tocadisco/Roman Böer on this subject matter… Böer has had a long relationship with the aforementioned French DJ ARTIST David Guetta, including ghost production.

Dance Music X-Posed reached out to Böer with this question -- did we ever get an earth shattering reply!

Dance Music X-Posed / QUESTION: I want to know what makes David Guetta an artist on a song he does nothing on! Doesn’t play one note! Doesn’t Sing! Doesn’t write!

DJ/Producer Tocadisco/Roman Böer / ANSWER: “HAHAHA... Welcome to music business... David is the performer... the entertainer... the face...If you go through music history you’ll find lots of examples in any music form where you have people that "just" perform "other" people's song. Most of the DJs are not musicians but they need to come up with productions today to stay in the game. So they look for people that can write music or know how to work with music programs. Being a famous DJ today includes working with contracts, travel agents, managers, record companies, designers, photographers... Most of the "big names" have a whole company of people working for them. The idea of being a DJ...IS "playing other people's music". Then you can start asking why are DJ's famous anyways...?!

Its about the person, character, the performance... Nobody cares if its your track or other people's tracks as long as the party is good...”

How much more a direct and honest reply does one need than that… Of course, we could have dug deeper to enquire if Böer in fact composes his own music – which is ghost produced for Guetta – however, we are compelled to leave him alone and give him the benefit of the doubt given his above noted answer.

As I have noted earlier, to compare what David Guetta – and countless other yet to be named DJ ARTISTS -- has done is similarly deceptive, misleading, and fraudulent in nature to The Milli Vanilli Project. Therefore, let’s examine the Milli Vanilli Project and, thereafter, compare it to what we now know is the truth of the David Guetta Project (from 1999-2004 when he indisputably could not compose a track himself).


Milli Vanilli were a pop and dance music project formed by Frank Farian in Germany in 1988, fronted by Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The group's debut album achieved high sales internationally which earned them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990. The act sold over 30 million singles [citation needed], 14 million albums [citation needed] and became one of the most popular pop acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, their success turned to infamy when their Grammy was revoked after it was revealed that the actual vocals on the record were not the voices of Morvan and Pilatus.

Farian chose to feature vocals by Charles Shaw, John Davis, Brad Howell, and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco; however, he felt that those singers lacked a marketable image. Thus, Farian recruited Morvan and Pilatus, two younger and more photogenic model/dancers he found in a Berlin dance club, to front the act (please keep this fresh in mind).
Milli Vanilli's debut album All or Nothing was released in Europe in mid-1988, with Rob and Fab front and center and no mention of the actual singers. The success of the record caught the attention of Arista Records, who signed the duo, remixed some of the tracks, added others, and renamed it Girl You Know It's True for release in the American market in early 1989. The U.S. version of the album led things off with the title track, which peaked at number 2 on the Hot 100 in April of that year and was certified platinum (the song was a cover version of a Numarx track published in 1987 on the US Bluebird label). Even greater commercial success followed, as the pair's next three singles "Baby Don't Forget My Number", "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" and "Blame It On The Rain" all reached number 1. A fifth and final single "All or Nothing", also made the Top 5 in the beginning of 1990. Milli Vanilli's meteoric rise to pop music superstardom culminated with a Grammy
Award for Best New Artist on February 22, 1990.
In 1990, during a live performance recorded by MTV at the Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Connecticut, the recording of the song "Girl You Know It's True" jammed and began to skip, repeating the partial line "Girl, you know it's-" over and over. According to the premiere episode of VH1's Behind the Music which profiled Milli Vanilli, fans attending the concert didn't seem to notice or even care and the concert continued as if nothing unusual had happened, but critics did notice and questioned Rob and Fab in their concert reviews.
Unlike the international release of All or Nothing, the inserts for the American version clearly attributed the voices on the album to Morvan and Pilatus. Due to rising public questions regarding the source of talent in the group, as well as the insistence of Morvan and Pilatus to Farian that they be allowed to sing on the next album, Farian confessed to reporters on November 12, 1990, that Morvan and Pilatus did not actually sing on the records. As a result of American media pressure, Milli Vanilli's Grammy was withdrawn four days later (however, their three American Music Awards were never withdrawn due to the fact the organizers felt the awards were given to them by music consumers),[1] and Arista Records dropped the act from its roster and deleted their album and its masters from their catalog, taking Girl You Know It's True out of print.
After these details emerged, at least 26 different lawsuits[2] were filed under various U.S. consumer fraud protection laws[3] against Pilatus, Morvan and Arista Records. One such filing occurred on November 22, 1990 in Ohio, where lawyers there filed a class action lawsuit asking for refunds on behalf of a local woman in Cuyahoga County who had bought Girl You Know It's True; at the time the lawsuit was filed, it was estimated at least 1,000 Ohio residents had bought the album.[3] On August 12, 1991, a proposed settlement to a refund lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois was rejected. This settlement would have refunded buyers of Milli Vanilli CDs, cassettes, records, or singles. However, the refunds would only be given as a credit for a future Arista release.[2] On August 28, a new settlement was approved; it refunded those who attended concerts along with those who bought Milli Vanilli recordings[4]. An estimated 10 million buyers were eligible to claim a
refund and they could keep the refunded recordings as well[4]. The deadline to claim refunds passed on March 8, 1992.


Throughout the 1990s, David Guetta was a successful Club Promoter/Owner/DJ who had invented the now infamous party “FUCK ME I’M FAMOUS’. In the latter part of 1999, various heads of Radio FG had advised Guetta that he had to get a production out with his own name on it and build himself as an artist. Shortly thereafter, David Guetta was introduced to Joachim Garraud whom had a studio in downtown Paris and a knack for electronic music, plus a pedigree of an education in musicology (7 years at the Academy of Music Percussion and Piano). David thereafter explained to Joachim what he wanted to accomplish as an artist leveraging his marketable image, contacts, and overall marketability and he needed Garraud to compose and produce the musical tracks for the “David Guetta Brand” while Guetta would search for a singer/songwriter to slap his vocals on Garraud’s Music.

Joachim agreed. Shortly thereafter, David Guetta met a relatively unknown gospel singer, Chris Willis. Guetta stated to Willis, “Hey, I just met this guy Joachim Garraud, and he has his own studio. Maybe you can come by and try to record something on some music for us?”. As it turned out, Willis was staying at a hotel right across the street from Garraud’s Studio and accepted..

Upon arrival at the studio, Joachim played an instrumental track for Willis and noted that “I have some idea with this… ‘Hand in hand’”… Minutes thereafter, without assistance, Willis wrote – and recorded – ‘Just A Little More Love’.

It was released as Just A Little More Love by David Guetta. The concept behind making Guetta the artist – rather than Willis or Garraud (whom is an obese male while David Guetta had the body of Michelangelo) – was that Guetta had the more marketable image, an attractive man in his early 30s which would further appeal to women, girls, and the gay audience which David had become renowned in as a result of his promotions, dj gigs, and clubs.. Additionally, Garraud had a family and did not wish to leave them for extended periods of time (see, interview with Goldenboy/question: You have a big family (four children!), How come you still at the present time to reconcile your life Dj Producer with your privacy? Joachim Garraud serait-il un surhomme ? Joachim Garraud would be a superman?
Garraud:Non, je ne suis pas un surhomme, j’ai la chance d’avoir besoin de très peu de sommeil par nuit. No, I'm not a superman, I am lucky enough to need very little sleep per night. Je dors 4 heures par nuit et ça va (durant dix jours, après, j’ai besoin de dormir un peu plus !). I sleep 4 hours a night and it will (for ten days later, I need to sleep a little more!). Ca me permet de concilier le fait d’avoir quatre enfants et de leur donner du temps à chacun et ensemble, et de continuer à faire de la musique, de produire et de faire le Dj à l’autre bout de la terre. It allows me to reconcile the fact of having four children and give them time to each and all, and continue to make music, produce and play DJ at the other end of the earth. J’essaye dans un maximum de cas de concilier les deux. I try in as many cases to reconcile the two. Par exemple, pour le 31 décembre dernier, j'ai fait une tournée à Bali en Indonésie avec toute
la famille !!! For example, to December 31 last year, I made a tour in Bali in Indonesia with the whole family! C’était vraiment super. It was really great. )
Radio FG immediately got on board with the track and it subsequently sold over 250,000 albums. Guetta’s follow up, Guetta Blaster, was also remarkably successful featuring hits such as ‘The World Is Mine’. Once again, Joachim Garraud was the man behind the music.

Later albums, including Pop Life, sold in excess of 2 Million Albums World-wide featuring David as the face of the music, the videos, and album covers. Joachim Garraud has yet to be featured in a music video, or on an album cover despite being responsible for the creation of the music.


As we have already analyzed, Milli Vanilli it was Frank Farian (the producer) who was the puppet master. For the Milli Vanilli Project, Farian chose to feature vocals by Charles Shaw, John Davis, Brad Howell, and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco; however, he felt that those singers lacked a marketable image. Thus, Farian recruited Morvan and Pilatus, two younger and more photogenic model/dancers he found in a Berlin dance club, to front the act (please keep this fresh in mind).
However, one important note – Farian did indeed compose the music himself…

As for David Guetta, “David is the ‘puppet master’” while being a puppet himself, says Tocadisco.

With Morvan and Pilatus, that could dance and move on stage like no other… They were handsome young men that made women faint. There was something electrifying about their image... However, notwithstanding their stage presence, it was not their vocals on the songs that they were credited for. They did not sing a note on the album!

Similarly, Guetta is indisputably the face of his music and has remarkable poise and stage presence. However, he did not play one note of the music on Just A Little More Love or Guettablaster, although he proclaimed to in various interviews including, but not limited to, the interviews noted in this article.

So where is the difference? David acted as both the puppet master and the puppet? Let me ask you this – if Frank Farian had slapped his face on the cover of ‘The Milli Vanilli Project’ as the vocalist, would there have been any difference since he did not sing one note on the record? Definitively not…

In our correspondences with Tocadisco, he likened Guetta to Farian as the ‘Puppet master’, although noting that the difference between Guetta and Farian is that Farian was a musician and composer and Guetta is obviously not. Tocadisco additionally notes “That [Guetta] was not mentioned in the publishing ( I think that’s what you meant) means just that he didn’t write the songs himself.”

I really think we must refer to these as ‘Projects’ as in ‘The Milli Vanilli Project’ and ‘The David Guetta’ Project.

They both clearly have deceptive elements to them. In fact, there are potential legal ramifications that may now be raised for buyers of The Guetta Album(s) and/or attendees of his shows similar to The Milli Vanilli Project under U.S. Consumer Fraud Protection Laws.

To clarify this, we have sought the opinion of Attorneys Patrick J. Perotti & Howard Rabb of Dworken & Bernstein Co. L.P.A., whom represented a class actions suit in Ohio on behalf of the consumers whom purchased The Milli Vanilli Albums.

The suit charges would-be singers Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus, their producers and Arista Records with deceptive sales practices because Pilatus and Morvan were billed as the lead vocalists 'when in fact they were not and did not sign a word on the album."


Ms. Bailey was nice enough to respond to our initial newsletter on Mr. Guetta & Deadmau5 and had this to say on djs:

"I think thats brill!! about time they got exposed for what they are or are in fact NOT!! As for Deamau5, he would not be where he is today if DJs didnt play his music giving him the exposure hes needed to be a success! Talk about bite the hand that feeds you...!!!!"

Joachim Garraud Rebuttal:

We received this reply from Mr. Garraud that he wanted you all to read:

Mr. Pettigrew,

Despite my vain endeavours to make you understand that remarks regarding David Guettta you spread out on Internet (notably on November, 24) are false and libelous and my numerous emails in this respect, I have to notice that you did not intend to change your position stand.

Therefore, insofar as you are, for some obscure reasons, trying to deny David Guetta’s artistic work by using some words I would supposedly have told a journalist, words you erroneously translated and put out of their context, I give you formal notice, due to your position as publishing director of your email called “DEADMAU 5 & DAVID GUETTA – FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATION”, to spread my answer as stated below to all the persons who received said email, in accordance with article 6 IV of the French Digital Economy Act, which shall apply in this case.

« David Guetta is co-artistic producer and co-composer of all his tracks of all his albums.

Music producer work is not limited to instrumentalist work, but goes fairly over. Indeed: sounds, color, and artistic orientation choices are almost as important in work creation process.

David Guetta’s creations are full-fledged productions, as Daft Punk’s, Chemical Brother’s or Laurent Garnier’s ones are, and nevertheless none of these DJs is singer. Electronic music is based on programming and not on interpretation. Laptop keys have replaced synthesizer notes and guitar strings.

Since 1999, I have been lucky enough to co-produce David Guetta’s music and to offer my skills to our joint creations.

Since then, we both have taken advantage from the experience of the other and we both have become more independent in creation process. Thus, David Guetta is working on his side on his new album project throughout he is traveling all over the world for his concerts, and I know he has already written, produced and recorded a dozen of tracks, several of which all by himself.

It’s actually lamentable that I have to reply to false remarks made by someone nobody knows and who apparently took false identity to tarnish an artist’s reputation, who is on the other hand known by the public for his artistic talents as author and as producer, and whose huge success apparently makes some people envious ».

Joachim Garraud


We have simply reported facts based on interviews conducted by ourselves and others. We are not here to make conclusions for that is your job as the reader.

That said, no one can dispute the facts contained herein since they are all based on the comments of those involved.

WILL YOU CARE OR IS TOCA RIGHT " Nobody cares if its your track or other people's tracks as long as the party is good...”

Enjoy your Holiday Season.


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Post Dirty Sanchez20 Dec 2008, 20:37

Interesting to read this, specially for a media and communication student like me :D


a- I already knew Guetta gets credit for just putting together 'project' songs, where a singer works with a producer... while Guetta is taking care of his L'Oreal hair... And in the end, it's Guetta getting 90% of the credit and the rest of the people getting mentions such as:

David Guetta featuring Chris Willis- Just a little more love
Producer by David Guetta & Joachim Garraud

David Guetta featuring Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & Chris Willis - Everytime we touch

David Guetta vs Tocadisco - Tomorrow can wait

So yes, they don't get as much credit as they deserve... but this is no surprise to most of us, and anyway, they do get credit, so this is can't really be compared to the Milli Vanilli case.

b- (ASSUMING GARRAUD SAID THOSE WORDS) I myself have a music degree, studied for eight years. Garraud has seven years of work... Does that make me a better musician? Under his logic, IT DOES. I am very happy :lol:

Because Garraud wants to compare the Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz to David Guetta because they are not keyboard players, and they are not sound engineers. Seriously? SERIOUSLY??

Look at this:

If I freeze this video at the 7'' seconds mark or maybe at the 11'' seconds mark... I see a man called Sebastian Ingrosso and something that looks like a keyboard. Maybe it's not, since they are like David Guetta. I guess it's not a keyboard after all, it might be a toy to play space invaders with 40 year old people......

So please, Garraud, get a reality check and make sure you never put our boys in the same bag as your puppet master. Take your frustations to David Guetta or to anyone you want, AND I WOULD OF COURSE SUPPORT YOU IF YOU DID SO, but man, if you wanna doubt Ax, Prydz, Steve or Seb... I'm sorry, but I'm gonna give you shit about it.

So thanks god up there in Sweden it's not about ghost-production, it's about GOOD MUSIC!!
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Post daherbst21 Dec 2008, 09:34

Well before I start crusing on Garraud or Guetta or anyone else I'd like to know if this article is spam or not...

I can't believe anyone dares to say something like that
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Post HERMPETTIGREW21 Dec 2008, 19:49

daherbst wrote:Well before I start crusing on Garraud or Guetta or anyone else I'd like to know if this article is spam or not...

I can't believe anyone dares to say something like that

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Post daherbst22 Dec 2008, 11:03

Don't get me wrong man -I don't impute anyting to anyone - but I've learned to doubt ;)

Actually - no matter if it's true or not - I'm a little bit sick of this topic!
I don't care if some funny DJ's tell us something about the true House sound or the best way of making music!

Demand & supply will show us what's going on, and btw: I found the true House sound for me ;)
I worship Axwell
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Post paulanthony22 Dec 2008, 16:16

man, that's just ridiculous... :lol:
pretty interesting to read though thanks...
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Anthony Weeling
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Post Anthony Weeling06 Jan 2009, 13:09

Maybe what you see in the video is Sebastien Ingrosso playing, but that doesn't mean he's ever been to any musical school.
That's what Joachim Garraud meant and you know it, don't play stupid just 'cause you're a fan !

Most important is that people like the music, whoever did it, don't blame it on Guetta, Garraud was OK to compose & write for the man, as many people do in music industry.
And you're only raging about Guetta here.

Yes, there're better DJs than him, yes he's not a great producer etc etc..
But hey, there's room for everyone !
And even if I don't like his music, I won't go and make useless articles about 'em.

Anyways, that's kind of a stupid topic ! ;)
" Axwell thrown under bus " LOL that is ridiculous,
Joachim Garraud is a respectfull guy from what I've seen of him, and he really likes the SHM, see how they have fun in Hotel Rooms playing around with their macs and stuff' :)

You're just jealous, & that is pathetic ;)
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Post ronn06 Jan 2009, 21:53

Well, I'm really dissapointed with people who claim they are artists and as it turns out they are not!

Don't you all agree, you develop a certain respect for someone for making wonderful music. That's what I respect them for....NOT for looking good on stage.

If one day I would find out our beloved swedes are fake (Which I'm pretty sure they are not) they're out the door...BUT, I really would love to know who then did make the music. In the Guetta case, all the more respect for Joachim Garraud! He seems a lovable guy!


Might I add that I don't care if someone can't play an instrument. It's just that I want the face I look at to be from the person who created the music!
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Anthony Weeling
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Post Anthony Weeling06 Jan 2009, 23:12

Ok so you listen to music with your eyes...
Nice !

C'mon that is ridiculous, you know it is.
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Post ronn06 Jan 2009, 23:27

Anthony Weeling wrote:Ok so you listen to music with your eyes...
Nice !

C'mon that is ridiculous, you know it is.
Certainly not, I just don't want to look up to some guy with a big smurk on his face who knows he cheated his way onto the stage...I don't like my leg pulled ;)