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ronn Send private message Post 08 Jan 2009, 20:21

Bottom post of the previous page:

It's great when people help each other out! Introducing to someone, helping to get gigs or be out there. that's all good but in the end you gotta have something to show for. I for one think there's waaaay to much nepotism in the music industy!

I remember a guy who called himself Morris on the old axwell forum, now he's a great guy (Didn;t want to tell me his real name...) He gave me some tips'n'tricks I still use today! Thanks again Morris (Think I'm gonna name a track after you) The Morris Mystery ;p
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daherbst Send private message Post 09 Jan 2009, 11:41

"way bigger".... a bit too childish for me - I don't care who's "bigger"... Music matters! :)
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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 10 Jan 2009, 05:14

I don't see the need to compare Ax and Roger. The S-Man is a true legend and has a widely popular radio show weekly besides a big Pacha residency guaranteed every summer. Axwell himself is sure going to be considered a House legend in little time, since everyone's been dropping his music for the last several years. So I don't think there's need to compare, to fight over who is bigger... Both are fantastic DJs, I like Ax better but damn, Roger is a legend and he sure keeps up with time.

And well, I don't think we should understand this the way Anthony writes. It's not like Axwell is a groupie fan that owes his rise to Roger or Bob: he makes his own music, and he has been supported by Roger and Bob the same way he now supports artists like, say, Filip Le Frick, whose 'latin bomb' he played all summer! It's a support culture, we need to understand it like that.

And, in any case, be it 'help me please be famous' or 'support good music', the case of David Guetta and Garraud is different to Axwell because Guetta doesn't make his own music to the extent Axwell does and always has.
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Kosi Send private message Post 11 Jan 2009, 18:02

perfect post! thanks dirty ;)