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Post Noir28 Jan 2009, 10:33


After the great success of ”Rien” Oliver Dahl strikes back hard with this superb EP sure to keep him in the spotlight.
Don’t really need to sell this one by words…… let the music do the talking.

https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... Limno%20EP

Early Reactions:

Another good production - I like this 2 tracks.
Villo : i like the Electro sound and his little melodie.
Joa : i prefer it's little more trancey, and i love the kick and the clap ;-)
Laurent Garnier

Villo sounds great.

Like this.
Sander Kleinenberg


Love both tracks to death.
Mr. Dahl is on fire and everyone should catch on.

Loving this release, both tracks rock...will play both at different points of my Spektre sets!
Full support from us...quality delivered as always.
Filthy Rich

Both Track Very Hot! Full Support from me!!!
Norman Zube

Joa is fucking awesome
Richard Dinsdale

High quality as usual!!!!
Love both tracks. Really solid package from Oliver again. Will play it to death for sure!!!
Dan Welton


Loving the Joa tune, thumping bass and a haunting melody that's up there with Moby's 'Go'.
Guy Garret / DMC

Wow! what a damn good ep!.. The rising breakdown part in villo is total crazy.
But i think joa is my fav. it is not so dark like villo and better for my sets, amazing sounds like always..
Another fantastic release on Noir Music!
Chris Count

After one short listen, i know this will smash it in brazil when i tour there
The recent releases from Noir Music are helping shape the sounds of my sets for the floors with more energy...
Please keep them coming
Andy Ward

Villo is my favourite, totally slams it.
Asher Jones / Rhythm Code

Noir Music delivers the goods again.
Both Oliver Dahl's tracks are fine pieces of music, rocking yet musically interesting. Love it!
Yves Eaux

Fantastic. Full Support.!
Sarah Main

Quality stuff again man!
Both tracks are great, will play them for sure.
Dj Remy

Ollie absolutely rox.
Nikitin & Semikashev

I like very much “Villo”… it’s rockssssssssssss!!
Simon Vitullo

This is cool
Villo is rockin it for me…
Kid Dub

One deep, one driving, both brilliant. Definitely going in the play list.
Filth & Splendour

I really like 'Villo', specially the breakdown. Storming!
David Gausa

Villo rocks! And Joa is ace too!
Dave Lambert

Limmno EP is wicked, both tracks really strong another Noir Music bomb!
Harvey Dawson / Wonderland Avenue

Villo is the one for me… sounds great!!!
Tune Brothers

Wow, lovin both tracks!!!
Mikio / Plastik Funk

Very Strong package again.
Have been supporting both these.
Nice work Mr Dahl
Martin Thompson

Nice ep, i like both tracks, but JOA is my fav...
Angel Anx

Villo im feelin! Will play 4 sure!
Ben Dela Pena

Really like the e.p/ already played is villo tune. Really like the 2nd one on the release. good wrk
Chris Special

Once again, a quality release. This is real deep, just how i like it.
Feeling both tracks, not even sure which i prefer, will play in China this weekend, In tha box!
Martin Ikin / Soul Purpose

Liking the sound of Villo, break is sick
James Fitch

Wicked Ep, the build in Villo is ridiculous!
Ben Prok

Villo is exactly the sound I like to play in this moment
So Groovy & Techy in the same time
Marco G

Always rocking
Snake Sedrick

Nice Releaseeeeeeeeeeeee!
Franco De Mulero

Joa is the standout track here.
Nolan Kane

Top Stuff!
Tim Andresen

I like Villo
Dan McKie

You saved my show. To be honest needed a pick time tune to finish my gig tonight on Kiss FM.
And look what I've got!
Two perfect techno cuts. Both with great mix in and development will choose one definitely!
Oleg Uris

Again an awesome release from noir music !! Play for sure !!

Really cool solid track. Like both mixes... Got my support!!
Timothy Fall

I like Villo´s rmx for my gigs and Joa for my radio show LA ROCA @ MAXIMAFM.
Miguel La Roca Tur

Once again Oliver Dahl is on fire!
I like both tracks, but Joa really does its thing for me.
Jacob RT

Joa sounds rather cool!
good work
Steve Parry

Super release.
Both tracks are top notch, but Villo has jumped to the front of my cd wallet for the next gig we do.
James Trystan

HOT EP from Oliver Dahl - Like both tracks !!
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Post peter01728 Jan 2009, 12:16

NOIR - THE OFF WORLD (OLIVER DAHL REMIX) hm i like this better then this villo joa EP really badaas tune when ll be release?
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Post Noir28 Jan 2009, 21:34

Hehe thanks....
Oliver Dahl + Koen Groeneveld remixes of "The Off-World" will be out last week of February.
Original is out now:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... ff%20World
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Post Noir05 Feb 2009, 14:48

Oliver Dahl Chart:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... 2009_chart