Bob Sinclar's new song

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Post TonyS08 Feb 2009, 14:33

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Why are many of these French DJ's SO into themselves, while appart from Thomas Bangalter NONE of them (yes, thin ice here but I'm willing to take that risk) has contributed anything meaningful to housemusic...
(besides a lot of big noses)
I bet Sinclar looks at pictures of himself late at night.
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Post Byron08 Feb 2009, 16:12

LMFAO.......... :lol:

I would never play this crap,even if all those Hot girls were going mad to it i still would'nt play this..
Mmmm...the word sell-out comes to mind......
What happened to 'I Feel For You' and 'Save Our Soul'.Music with actuall meaning behind it... :(