Beatport Saved my Ass!

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ronn Send private message Post 09 Feb 2009, 08:31

Hi Guys,

I thought I share this with you!

Just a little shoutout to the people at beatport! Here's the story:

I lost my complete music library due to a severe hd raid failure (Fire and smoke actually coming from the drive!! (Lacie FW)) during backup from drive x to drive y...Drive Y got corrupted too...Aaargh!

After the mailing the guys at beatport explaining the situation they granted me a redownload of my entire library!!! Which is awesome especially since I always download WAV and that's a lot more data than the mp3's...

I think that's great and I'm really thankfull!


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lifesabeat Send private message Post 09 Feb 2009, 18:13

That is really cool! I have had nothing but good experiences with Beatport as well.

Man... loosing all your tunes would have sucked big time!
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daherbst Send private message Post 09 Feb 2009, 22:34

Nice one... :)
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Dirty Sanchez Send private message Post 11 Feb 2009, 08:33

With the goods and bads, I'm also pro- Beatport :) Nice to hear you got your stuff back, I'm getting a Time Capsule to have it as backup disc and create some WiFi when I'm out too :)
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Petter Send private message Post 17 Feb 2009, 23:58

I'm glad beatport helped you out. Must have been sad to get all those tracks again.
Beatport is not treating me as good as you. The new beatport is killing me. It will load 1/10 times. It loads to 100% and stops. Sometimes it even knocks out my internet so I have to restart my router. Any of you guys had any similar problems?
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shadow_419 Send private message Post 18 Feb 2009, 00:10

I had problems at first, but it was because the flash plugin would not install properly. I saved my bookmarks, re-installed firefox, installed flash plugin, andd restored my bookmarks. Everything has been good since then.