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Post jb7311 Feb 2009, 14:19


I saw James Edwards DJing at the Ministry of Sound in London last weekend and he rocked it. Great use of acapellas, quality technical skills and bags of enthusiasm. Not unlike Axwell, in fact. He's also done a very nice remix of 'Superstylin' that's well worth hearing.

He's going to Sweden next month so if you're there, I urge you check him out.

*****SWEDEN TOUR********

11 March - Swedish Heat, Stockholm
12 March - Swedish Heat @ Sliver, Jonkoping
13 March - Vatra Club, Skovde

By the way, I'm not James's agent or anything, I just thought he was really good and wanted to share the love :D
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Post djkash18 Mar 2009, 22:43

heeey, thanks :D
too bad he's not coming to Malmö tho...........

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